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Sewing Classes

Classes are presented to all machine brand owners.

We present a varied selection of sewing classes which are divided into different categories:
  • Sewing clothing the professional way
  • Home Décor classes
  • Specialty Classes
  • Machine Classes
  • Speciality Machine Embroidery classes

1. Sewing Clothing

These classes are divided into three modules each focusing on a range of techniques.

Module One

Covers techniques for stretch fabrics and the following garments are made:

  • Top with ribtim, focusing on knit techniques and necklines.
  • Skirts which cover darts, waistbands and hems.
  • Tracksuits covering further neckline techniques and the precise measuring of slax.
  • V-Necks and cardigans covering trims and cuffs.
  • Lingerie which encompasses elasticizing and lace trims.

Module Two

Progresses to more advanced techniques for sewing on woven fabrics. Again the lessons progress in difficulty and are completely technique orientated.

  • The first lesson starts at necklines and covers facings.
  • Jackets with add on collars, pockets and buttonholes are presented.
  • Skirts & Jacket with easy collar, skirt pocket and waistband.
  • Men’s golf shirt with tab opening.
  • Ladies blouse covering the collar & stand technique as well as cuffs and two in one waistband on a pair of culottes.

Module Three

Is the ultimate of sewing techniques where tailoring is covered.

  • The first lesson covers a tailored skirt with zipper.
  • Partially lined jacket with beautiful collar.
  • Tailored pants with zip.
  • Two lessons spent on constructing a tailored jacket with bound buttonholes and welt pockets.

2. Home Décor

These classes are fun and are perfect for sewers who enjoy home sewing and decor.

Window Treatments

Ever popular with decorators tips and wonderful finishes:

  • Measuring of curtains, fabric quantities, linings, tapes & tracks
  • Roman blinds and festoons
  • Covered pelmets, Swags & tails

Bedroom Décor

In two easy lessons, learn to decorate your bedroom:

  • Sheets & pillowcases
  • Nightfrills, base covers & pillow shams.

Cushion Course

We cover a wide variety of cushion ideas as well as the practical hints & tips for sewing up fashionable fabrics into cushions.

3. All about Embroidery

We offer extensive back up for machine embroidery and are on the cutting edge of technology.

4. Monthly Club Days

Every month we present a fun Club Day where we teach a new technique or product. Ladies with all makes of embroidery machines are welcome. Come and see how much your machine can do and go home inspired.

5. Speciality Classes

Ladies Jeans

We will show you how to measure yourself accurately for a perfect fit. Learn to insert a zip with fly piece, coin pockets and studs/ rivets on your jeans. Top stitch and finish off the jeans professionally.

We will be making a small project using the narrow zipper, invisible zipper, edge joining, edge stitching and clear seam guide foot. This will be a hands on class and you will use all the above practical accessories. We will have extra feet if you would like to “test drive” them.

6. Patchwork & Quilting


Exciting new basic patchwork classes starting. Learn to cut accurately, strip and join fabrics—something quick and easy! All patchwork will be assembled into a practical and useful item.

We will be presenting four quilting projects this year, one per quarter. The patchwork classes will be hands on.


We are starting a series of free motion quilting classes this year. Learn to bring your patchwork to life with the correct quilting techniques. There is plenty of content (and practice) in these classes, so please check for the preparation which needs to be done.

Contact Us - Sewing Classes

The classes will be held at:
The Mezomode Quilting and Sewing Studio
Wonderboom South, Pretoria.
Enquiries: Tel: 0812677267 / Mobile:  0795741220

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